Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Adventures in Babywearing

For months now I have been wearing Wesley in a ringsling, like the one in this link, when we go on outings. When he is fussy at home, or grabbing everything in the cart at the grocery store, I just plop him right in, adjust the fabric through the rings, and go on about my business. Usually it calms him right down or even puts him to sleep!

Recently I decided to expand my babywearing experience, and began wrapping. It takes a lot more practice then other baby carrying methods, but is beyond worth it!  There are SO many different ways you can use a wrap. When Wes is feeling clingy I can wrap him up on my back and still have all the freedom I need to clean the house, do the dishes, or anything else I may need to get done!

Yesterday when we went shopping, I wore Wesley in a Front Wrap Cross Carry, like in the picture to the right, and it was more comfortable than I could have imagined.  A lot of people question me on whether he is "heavy in that thing" and honestly, he is NOT. It is sooo much easier carrying him in his sling or the wrap than it is when he is just in my arms. The carrier distributes his weight evenly across my shoulders, back, and hips, relieving my arms of the stress from his weight.

I love learning all the different ways these can be wrapped, and I take Wesley in and out of it all day to practice different carries. If anyone would like to see how it works, let me know and I will gladly show you!


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